The Vagina Monologue

Just read this post by Rajyasree Sen.

She does a marvellous job of mocking a product- 18again, the advert of which promises to ‘rejuvenate’ your nether regions. Though I must say I doubt it deserves this kind of a fuss. It is , after all a niche product- and male versions of similar concoctions have been around for donkeys years. Still, I do see her point about the whole joint family being in on the private life of the couple.

On a tangent here-

I wonder why a girl/woman losing her virginity gets more attention than when a boy/man -the latter is seen to be just living up to the biological compulsion of his gender, while the woman/girl is held ‘responsible’ for actively wanting something that , in their perception, is ‘unnatural’ for her gender.

Is it because for the male, the first time is invariably pleasurable- whereas for the female, it is often painful and unpleasant?So, for her to proactively claim sex , despite that, is to somehow be more ‘sexual’ than her male partner who does the same?


On a related note- there’s no such medically defined term as ‘virgin’ or ‘virginity’. I know our country is big on hymens  but you can technically sleep with someone and still have one, conversely, you could have held on to your virtue like a saintly leech and still not have one.Medically speaking, there’s no such thing as the proof being in the pie! (pun intended).


Go on, you know you want to say it :)

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