Woke up today to depressing news that someone I knew (albeit as an aquaintance) was been killed in a communal clash in my  college town in Karnataka.

I’m shocked-I didn’t think something like this could ever happen to someone I know.Somehow the ‘riots’ and ‘incidents’ reported in the media remain just that- reports in the media. The feeling of invincibility never wavers- after all , ‘WE'(the educated/the middle-class/the politically inactive/the only mildly religious) never get mixed up in sordidness , do we?

Cruel irony also, that the hospital mentioned in the news, where the dead and injured were taken, was also the one where this guy once had saved many lives.

There are many ways to die, but surely dying from an act of random, senseless hatred, being STABBED to death by a communal mob no less, is the worst, most unthinkable way to go.


ETA- happy to see that nobody is in the mood to take this incident lying down-read about it here.


2 thoughts on “RIP

    • Thank you. It’s just difficult to digest that a mob did that to him – in a town that I considered ‘safe’. On a road that I’ve been on many times . On the way back from a cinema that I go to. It’s just changed my perception of the place really.


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