It ain’t sex..erm..six months yet, baby.

I just read about a study that’s being widely reported in online media.

This study, titled “The Tempo of Sexual Activity and Later Relationship Quality” looked at 600 couples, and seemingly concluded that ‘Rapid sexual involvement may have adverse long-term implications for relationship quality’.

While I don’t have access to the text of the original article (I’m trying though!) , the media articles I’ve read state that, according to this study, relationship satisfaction was lower in women who engaged in sex within the first 6 months of the start of the relationship.


While I’m not one to encourage people to jump into bed as soon as they meet, I do think that studies of this type are flawed by nature-

– They rely too much on self-reported data- ANYONE’s description of their own sexual frequency and practices need to be taken with a pinch of salt- people will lie,hide,exaggerate , down-play- to EVERYONE, especially researchers, so you can forget about any kind of research reliability.

-Even assuming that the data is entirely true and believable, could it not be possible that people with certain behaviours and traits- hesitant, non-confrontational or of a certain age- older, wiser- may both postepone sex in a relationship as well as be inherently better at handling relationships? These confounding factors may just as well explain why some couples are both satisfied with the relationship  as well more likely to delay sexual involvement. Correlation does not imply causation!

So all in all folks,it’s not exactly the most scientific of studies, and has a faint patriarchial whiff abit it if anything. There’s no need to lose sleep over the ‘adverse effects’ of sleeping with someone before the magic 6 months.

If you did in fact tumble into your relationship, bed hair and all, instead of gracefully waltzing into it- more power to you. As the Brits say,keep calm, and carry on!


4 thoughts on “It ain’t sex..erm..six months yet, baby.

  1. The survey doesn’t even make sense. If a relationship disintegrates because of having sex ‘too early‘, it it really a bad thing? It is probably a good thing, rather than relationship minded people wasting time on what wasn’t a relationship potential, they’d be able to cut off and move on. It is much less of a heartbreak to break up two months into a relationship than do it a year into it.


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