Why this blog is called Desi Daaru and Other Random Revelations.

The term’s been around forever I know. Still, when I was a college going dreamer, I thought it would be a cool name for an overseas bar that sold Indian brands of liquor . I’d forgotten about it till they went and made a song outta the phrase in the movie Cocktail.Now, it’s highly unlikely I will ever own a bar -so blog will have to do!

 Even though the title sounds positively alcoholic, I regret to inform you that my drinking habit is quite boringly conservative .Having said that,I love the flavour of Old Monk. I don’t actually drink it much but I like to add a teeny bit of it to a glass of Coke-it adds a yummy, intensely vanilla flavour. Also, I’m a fan of the bottle itself- the shape is kinda iconic (amongst kids too broke for posher drinks, but still, in a decade, it will be retro-cool , just like the Maruti 800. So I predict). Snigger if you will.

As for what I DO like to drink-I’m an all-out cocktail girl.I’ve spent good time trying to concoct combinations that have included amongst other things, tabasco and bournvita.(Fortunately not in the same drink. (FYI I love bournvita.Can drink it by the gallon))

Give me 2 drinks and I’m wittier,flirty,and no longer too shy to dance . (I know that’s sad, but I’m not exactly ms.extrovert and need liquid help to be socially functional around the ‘lets dance yaar!’ kinda crowd).I’m not one of those people who drink to unburden their soul and express their deep , dark thoughts.

That’s what this blog is for, innit.


3 thoughts on “Why this blog is called Desi Daaru and Other Random Revelations.

  1. If you need a couple of drinks to ‘let loose’, then I don’t think you are an introvert. You are probably an extrovert who is socially conditioned to inhibition. I’d suggest the classic therapy – try doing those things you’d normally need a drink or two – without having a drink at all. Challenge and push yourself, take it as an adventure. Pretend to be drunk if you have to. Once you fight over this mental block and the anxiety of being what you feel is ‘not you’, you can continue having drinks in social dos and will no longer treat it as a social crutch, but more of a social lubricant. Try it, it ‘sets your mind free’, so to speak.
    Kudos to the appreciation of Old Monk. Its my favourite drink; I prefer it with ice rather than mixers.


    • Interesting point about being a extrovert v/s introvert. Funnily enough, I once did pretend to be very drunk- in order to dance crazily (I mean junglee-crazy)- worked even though I hadn’t had a drop because the rest of the group were very very drunk- hence the crazy dancing.

      Which I guess proves you’re right . Will have to brood over this . Over some Old Monk , naturally.


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