Reel Reflections-1

(Apologies to any regular readers of this blog (I hope you exist! Not so sure at this point). Had a 12 day stretch at work that made blogging/blogsurfing virtually impossible!)

So, without further ado, I present REEL REFLECTIONS- my *new and improved* opinions of movies some of which were firm favourites during my growing up years. I will try to do this as a series- the theme for part 1 is- Hit Romances of late 1990’s/early 2000’s.

1. Raja Hindustani

THEN-(I was crazy about this movie- can’t think why, though I vividly remember marvelling at Karishma’s eyebrows) .A sweet love story of a rich girl and a poor boy who manage to make it to the finish line, despite the fact that he’s a taxi driver and she’s an heiress.

NOW- A silly love story between a rich girl and a poor boy who gets so insecure about her wealth that he gets smashed in front of her folks and treats her like shit for much of the second half, and then wonders why she’s not running back to him. Eventually sense prevails, but only after suitable sati-savitri-sari-bindi modifications. And yeah, he also has the gall to ‘scold’ her for wearing inappropriate clothes/attracting unwanted attention.

2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

THEN- Aww Kajol and Shahrukh. Aww super-duper-hit-line that love IS friendship.Aww also , to the notion that if you love someone enough, someday , they will come to you. Aww little girl trying to set her dad up so that she can have mom number two. Aww cute little punjabi boy who sings and makes adorable remarks. Also, props for introducing (?) the ‘toot ta hua taara’ trope to Bollywood.

NOW-Generally WTF. So, tomboys do NOT get they guy- the feminine, shy girl does. ALSO, said tomboys chances would greatly increase if she CONVERTED into the afore-mentioned feminine shy model of girl. ( btw wouldn’t changing your entire wardrobe and personality make you think- DAMN THIS FEELS WEIRD.. aka kuch kuch hota hai?) Anyway y’all , bharatiya naari types are the only kinda girls worth loving marrying, and anybody with an ounce of spirit and rebellion clearly will not do.

3.Kal Ho Na Ho (yes, even KHNH)

THEN- A frothy, fun first half, followed by a painfully long second half, that was still worth repeat viewings because of all the extremely competent characters. A tale of un-requited love that somehow also managed to celebrate life and love and NYC and NRIs.

NOW- No major grumbles except for this one- it is EXTREMELY patronising to PASS ON the woman you love to another man (like a bag of chips ) all the while claiming that it’s for her own good. Not to mention conveniently pretending to be ‘married’, leading her to believe that you don’t love her. BE a man, and admit why you don’t want to be with her, then let her react any way she wants to! She MAY want to be there for you during your worst time you know.Just saying.

4. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

THEN- Crock of b******t. Also, does nobody in Mumbai know that Poo also means s**t? (Unless somebody amongst the script-writers was being literal about what they thought of Kareena dahling)

NOW-Crock of b******t. It’s really NOT all about loving your (manipulative, selfish, classist, entitled) parents.Now, more than ever.

5. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

THEN- Yawn.

NOW- Surprisingly progressive message from the purveyor of manufactured love and artificial emotions.Though it must be said, that ultimately, the ‘loser’ guy (‘loser’ in my terms, ‘hero’ in Karan’s) ends up with the less threatening woman precisely because he finds her less intimidating to his self-worth. I would gently like to point out that in real life, a crabby, grumpy, insecure man like that would find it very hard to find love once, let alone twice.


6 thoughts on “Reel Reflections-1

  1. gee- had a candid laugh after reading the poo insight; gotta aree with you on all the flicks (then n now) only that KANK- it was never yawn; like u say it was somethg different from the candy floss manufacturer and the crabby hero(?) finding love twice is indeed a miracle !!!!


  2. The first thing that caught my eye in this post was that 4/5 were SRK movies and again 4/5 were Karan Johar movies.
    I agree about the Poo bit and I must admit that I agree with your NOW views from the time I first saw these movies (despite me being a die-hard SRK fan at the time all these were released) except the KHNH which made me so emotional that I cried every time I saw it.

    The KANK, I have never seen the movie except a few pieces here and there and maybe I saw the wrong pieces that totally added to killing my desire to ever see it.

    Sorry for being carried away and that post length comment 😦


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