At 10:35 , I couldn’t believe what Anupama Chopra asks Sunny Leone-

“So how do you then have a partner, how do you then…sort of…conduct a personal life?”

I mean- why should Sunny have to explain how she ‘manages’ to have a steady boyfriend despite working in the porn industry- I don’t see what business it is of Anupama’s! To her credit, Sunny answers the question without the faintest bit of offense. I however. cringed inside at such a intrusive, almost malicious question.


One thought on “Cringe.

  1. Asking personal questions like this is the culture norm, at least in North India. Which is perhaps why Sunny Leone here didn’t take as much offence as you did. And this isn’t just a gendered thing. If I got a rupee coin for every “Do you have a girlfriend?” question I get from men and women in Delhi, I’d be able to amass enough to buy a second car. Not to mention the common, “Are madam and you married?” questions I get from shopkeepers and strangers who seem to be very curious about the ‘nature’ of my relationship with the women I am with, at the time.

    I guess Chopra here comes from the same cultural mold (a trait which is fortunately, absent among the people of my own social circle).


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