Honey Singh- Facing the Angreji Heat

I noticed today that the WordPress Annual Report  stated that my post on Honey Singh (circa July 2012) was the most popular one on this blog in December 2012. I was baffled till I checked the news- and voila! The mystery is solved.

I find it silly that he’s trying to ‘deny’ responsibility for his lyrics on the grounds that he didn’t personally write them- he IS the performer , after all, and there is enough by way of public performances and music videos to prove that he knew exactly what ‘message’ he was trying to push.

While i think calls to ban his songs are a tad excessive, it is true that his music is ‘dangerous’ because it is pure misogyny wrapped in slick and highly-produced packaging. By that standard , then, half the self styled magnum opuses out of Bollywood would also need to be banned.

There’s no doubt he’s popular. I am so far removed from the world that listens to him and yet, I’ve been to weddings where almost all the songs the DJ played were courtesy Mr. Honey Himself. And this was before he exploded onto the Bollywood playback scene in 2012.

Instead of preventing him from making his music, it’s far more important to create a society that refuses to consume his brand of trash. Sadly, there are plenty of takers for his work- some who subscribe to his views on women and others, who do not glean the full import of his words until they’ve looked up a translation- and even then don’t really care, ek song hi to hai, na?

Until we individually stop consuming the misogynist c**p dished out to us in the name of entertainment, we’ll just have to resign ourselves . To dancing at weddings to songs about women’s ‘measurements’ , fevicol-photos, and badnaam munnis – while congratulating ourselves on being so cultured and classy:)


2 thoughts on “Honey Singh- Facing the Angreji Heat

  1. I looked up Honey Singh in Wikipedia. Apparently, he is a Punjabi rapper. Aren’t rap songs generally misogynist? (the whole ‘hoes and pimps’ mentality). If Honey Singh’s lyrics are what you say it is (I wouldn’t know), then I think it is simply a case of ‘art imitating life’ of the culture(s) his songs are targeted at.

    Honey Singh is good looking chap, and attractive as an entertainer, so people would give him a far more leeway to be sexist; the same way that Arundhati Roy’s appeals for social justice has far less takers than nude exhibitionist PETA ‘activists’ who appeal for veganism. Average people care less about ideals and more about the social capital of the person holding it and how close the ideals are to their personal prejudices and beliefs.

    On that note, I always found it rather ironic, that Indians who hold up ideals of ahimsa and vegetarianism tend to be the utterly cruel to their fellow human beings. Or that women who complain the most about gender inequality tend to be diehard classists (even against other women).


    • My first post on him was written because I heard a lot of his music when I briefly lived in the northern parts of our country- and was mildly amused that he was so popular despite his lyrics- especially amongst young men and women. I cannot really say if the wider rap/ghetto culture informs his work- I merely commented from the POV of someone who has seen the sheer ubquitousness of his music .I’ve depended on google for the translation of his lyrics..and yes, his lyrics are a reflection of his (and many other peoples’) belief systems- but banning him or his performances is downright wrong. I have no idea how he suddenly got caught in the crossfire of the ‘anti-rape’ (for lack of a better phrase) movement.
      Your point about different degrees of leeway is something that makes sense- it explains why everyone in Bollywood can get away with murder.. sometimes literally.


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