Recommended Reading

…. is this post which dissects the new Criminal Law Ordinance 2013 on Sexual Assault in India.

I just want to highlight the one teensy point that beggars belief.

1. Recall that the Indian Rape law specifically contains a clause  that effectively refuses to recognise that marital rape perpetrated by a man on his wife can exist,

2. Combine this with the gender neutrality of the new ordinance, which recognises that women can now be accused of rape by men. Note the absence of any clauses relating specifically to marital circumstances.

And voila! We are left with a mish-mash law which allows husbands to accuse wives of rape while simeltaneously preventing wives from seeking legal recourse for rapes on them by husbands.

I think it will be a while before my eyes stop rolling.


4 thoughts on “Recommended Reading

  1. That does beggar belief. Why not make the exception to ‘married spouses’ and not ‘husbands’ if you were going to make the whole law gender neutral? It’s like a bad copy paste job where they didn’t even stop t read the whole thing and ensure that it actually makes sense!


  2. You recently commented at IHM’s latest blog post. I didn’t agree with your opinion and those of others there.

    I am forced to comment on your blog for IHM never allowed this sweet & innocuous comment (including many other comments of mine in the past) to appear.

    I didn’t agree with majority of opinions there and so, she removed mine.

    I guess diversity of opinion can’t be tolerated on her blog though she makes a vow on the front page blog.

    You can remove it once you read it. It read like this:

    Is it only the love in a romantic relationship that matters with no regard to the love between that of ‘adult kid’ and his/her parents?

    Kids should be ready to cut off parents from their life for romantic love and it is considered right but never the other way around especially there are genuine reasons for their disapproval.
    (& by genuine reason I don’t mean caste/religion barriers but what if the parents realise the prospective wife is a gold digger (pls don’t confuse it with seeking financial security in marriage; we all know it’s different) or the prospective husband, a philanderer which their ‘kid’ may not realise for love is blind; he/she might realise the true & the sole motivation of their spouse for marriage later and then suffer for the rest of their lives.

    Now, please DON’T say (an advice that is mostly found on western websites) that if adult kids make mistakes, then they themselves are responsible for them, let them fall and get up for the role of the parent is now over. Those aggrieved parents can now only watch their beloved child suffering but there is nothing they can do about it.

    Precaution is always better than cure, anytime and anyday.

    It’s a beautiful system which allows parents to advice their kids and get involved in their life’s decisions; nothing wrong with that. And, then there are ‘kids’ too who seek & love parental advice.

    I am not talking about parental ‘control’ – that’s different in cases love and affection is pure and unadulterated & yet it doesn’t receive approval.

    Let’s not adhere to western idea wherein parental advice & opinion is sought or only limited to the viewing of movies for under-13 kids.

    I find it rather harsh.


    • Well,I agree that parents do have the right to bring concerns up with their kids- as long as it is done in the right manner.
      Parents should ideally discusses the child’s partner with some respect , keeping in mind that their child is an adult and bring up their issues regarding the marriage without resorting to emotional blackmail, and threats of suicide/ex-communication.
      I don’t have a problem with anybody discussing major life decisions with their parents, if that’s what you want to know. But I do condemn emotional blackmail and control in any relationship.


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