Blast from the Past

I was a child when the whole Aishwarya Rai/Salman Khan break-up happened, but from what I’ve read, he allegedly actually hit her and put her in hospital for a bit. I’m a bit fuzzy about the exact details, but this much was established back then-that he harassed her on sets and physically abused her as well.

From Aishwarya Rai’s own statement at the time

While I have maintained a dignified silence about him and his wrong-doings, he (his family and friends) has repeatedly attacked the respect, dignity and pride of me and my family (with irresponsible rumourmongering. I stood by him enduring acholism, misbehavior in worse phases and in turn, I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical, emotional), infidelity and indignity.

That is why like any other self-respecting woman and God is witness, I said enough and ended it almost two years ago but because of a dignified silence, all have misrepresented my stand and spread rumours about my character and baselessly alleged affairs and tried to spoil healthy working relations with costars. I do not want to get into the gory details and obnocuious (sic) experiences, which incite washing dirty linen and other ugly untruths.

What amazes me is that back in 2002, he went completely scot-free. I wonder if that would happen in 2012.

What really takes the cake though , is this 2003 article, written by Manu Joseph for Outlook Magazine. I don’t know whether he intended to go for sardonic, but he comes periliously close to defending Mr.Khan and painting Ms.Rai as an opportunist. This is the same man who is now the editor of Open Magazine.




4 thoughts on “Blast from the Past

  1. Wow, that article is so biased and un-journalistic! The writer unashamedly justifies abuse in the age old ‘she made him do it, he had no choice – the poor guy, she deserved it’.

    “is Aishwarya Rai who has almost gotten away with the much sought after title in the New Age: ‘victim’… But in theory such a woman cannot be a victim. She is a lot smarter than that…. did she ever acknowledge the relationship? She never did. That made Salman feel insecure…At what point does the sweet persistence of love become stalking?”

    Not even a phoney disclaimer saying that the writer is not justifying violence (even though he is) and it is definitely wrong to stalk/ hit someone. I would at least expect that, if this was written today.


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