I ruminate*

Dear Ajja/Ajji

When I last spoke to Amma, she mentioned the Important Function coming up next year. She also said that you had considered a ‘go daana’ (donating a cow), but had decided against it. The reason, as the purohit so kindly put it was that my marriage was a distinct possibility in either 2013 or 2014. As he further explained, one kanya daana (giving away the bride- or more literally, girl donation) is infinitely more ‘punya’ filled and thus more valuable than any old ‘go daana’.

I must say, I agree with his logic , and am pleased that you consider me as being better than a cow. I look forward to being ‘given’ away, knowing that you chose me, over a cow, to add to your bank of good karma. Truly, the magnanimousness of your comparision- bride versus bovine, is incomprehensible to a simple kanya like me.I am mooed moved.


* yes, like a cow.




11 thoughts on “I ruminate*

  1. Incentive systems are always very efficient in getting people to do your bidding. A nice bonus incentive to make a salesman sell and a good karma incentive to make the faithful donate their daughters. Designing the right incentives is everything.


  2. Oh dear! You must get married in 2013 so your grandparents can finally have enough punya to get liberation from the cycle of life and birth. After all, as you stated you are more valuable then a cow ;D


  3. Well, It is commonly known fact that Kanya daan is considered as one most holy daan in fact

    you will find people who cant make it to wedding but still ask somebody to put some money in pundit’s thali …. as Kanyadaan.



  4. 😀 This was amusing and offensive at the same time. If you do not get married this year or next, perhaps you can tell them, they were better off doing cow-daana


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