Open Letter to Tipsy Andhra Ladies

Dear Ladies of AP

It with great sorrow that I write to you. It pains me to hear of your behaviour, which has forced your kind and benevolent government to step in and take measures, which I’m sure you’ll agree , are for your own good.

Thanks to your fondness for the tipple, you will now have to leave pubs,clubs, and bars a whole hour before men do. And rightly so.

In a region with big, big problems like separatist demands, communal tensions, terrorism, and even Naxalism, shame on you for drinking so much and diverting the attention and resources of the authorities.They will now have to spend time, money and energy on making sure you do not drink after 10 pm.

In the rest of the country, and the world in general, MEN account for the majority of drink-related offences. Your police force, and your government, on the other hand,apparently have statistics to prove that in Andhra, drunken women are the bigger law and order problem! Just how wild are you girls?!

I sincerely hope you ladies will mend your ways, and behave in a manner that will not tarnish the image of Indian women. As you know quite well, the honour of your families, your state, and your country are all in your hands. Hands which were meant for cooking, doing pooja, bathing children and pressing the feet of elders. Hands which are today holding bottles, shot glasses and all manner of stemware! Oh , the shame!

Begrudgingly yours,