Remember Dr. Indira Sharma? The President of the Indian Psychiatric Society, who, in December 2013 said homosexuality was ‘unnatural’, on stepping down?

Well well well.



The World Psychiatric Association also has a new president.

And he’s not only gay, but also Indian 🙂


* Like ‘lawyered!’, but for shrinks.

And this is what he has to say-

“There are still countries where it’s seen as an illness. We need to make a stand.”


5 thoughts on “Shrinked!*

  1. I am not surprised. I used to read the advice columns of a men’s magazine in India, where a qualified psychiatrist used to advise queries by homosexual men with something in the lines of, “It is just a stage. When you marry a woman and start having sex with her, you’ll get over it.” Apparently, he thought homosexuality was an adaptive response to gender segregation in Indian societies.

    In another case, I’ve had a friend’s anguished dad try to get his son pretty much raped by a prostitute in the hope that it would ‘straighten him up’ (pun intended). Fortunately for him, the professional lady refused to sleep with a non-consenting ‘client’.

    I think the whole idea that homosexuality is ‘unnatural’ comes from people who aren’t maliciously homophobic, but can’t see sense that a man would be attracted to another man. It isn’t unlike how my Gujarati neighbours couldn’t believe that I don’t really enjoy the taste of sweets (“He must be dieting!”) OR how a guy who is imprinted with a preference of bigger breasts thinks men who prefer ‘less endowed’ women are simply going for the easier prospects.


    • Yes, but one would hope that mental health professionals who think homosexuality is a disease would be a minority in their profession, and not the presidents of their professional organisations 🙂


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